Children’s Arts Tax Credit

We will be happy to issue receipts so that you’re able to claim up to $500 of lesson fees (per student under the age of 16) for your Revue Canada tax return.

The official low-down:

1)  The CATC will let you claim eligible expenses of up to $500 per year for each of your children who are:

  • under 16 years of age at the beginning of the year in which the expenses are paid
2)  To be eligible, a program must be supervised and suitable for children. Eligible programs include:
  • a weekly program of a minimum eight consecutive weeks duration in which a minimum of 90% of all the activities are eligible activities
3)  Eligible activities will include an activity that:
  • contributes to the development of creative skills or expertise in artistic or cultural activities;
4)  Eligible expenses are fees paid for the cost of registration or membership, which includes the costs of administration, instruction, and the rental of facilities or equipment.