Teaching piano is where it all started for Michael Johnston and the studio, beginning in the tiny third floor room of our apartment on Geoffrey Street in early 2006.

Although the studio has expanded since then, and we have had the good fortune to welcome teachers of various instruments in a variety of disciplines, the interest in piano lessons remains constant.  And yes, (of course we are a little biased!) we still recommend that new learners – if they are game – begin their musical journey on the piano.

While we can (and do) prepare students for exams with the Royal Conservatory of Music and Trinity College, our specialty is developing methods and materials that connect with each student’s own interests.  Always grounded in technique, we develop playing by ear alongside reading music.

We are passionate about introducing students to new styles of music and encouraging them to explore whatever captures their interest: how to play the 12-bar blues; songs from the great Canadian songbook; arrangements of Adele, Taylor Swift or Coldplay; how to accompany yourself while singing.

We are proud to say that we have perhaps the most eclectic and talented roster of piano instructors under one roof in Toronto.