“Three years ago, my kids started piano lessons at Michael Johnston Music Studio. From the moment we arrived, we felt welcomed not only by Michael, but by all the teachers. The relaxed, friendly atmosphere provides an excellent learning environment for children, with the focus on music being fun. My kids’ piano teacher takes an individual approach and teaches to each of their strengths and interests. My son also takes drum lessons at the studio, and he loves it. His teacher has always encourages him to create new beats and rhythms, while also teaching him the basics. As a kid that “marches to his own drum”, this is a perfect fit for him. For me, the highlight of the year is definitely the music recital held at Hugh’s Room. It is an absolute joy to hear all the students perform and showcase their talents. Michael Johnston Music Studio is first-rate. I highly recommend it!”  – Liz, parent

“Thanks again for great music lessons that kids can enjoy and use” – Teresa, parent

Our entire family feels at home at Michael Johnston Music Studio. Parents know that sometimes you have to force your kids to take part in music lessons, but that’s simply not the case for us with Michael and the gang. My kids can’t wait for their lessons and are always enthusiastic to go. It’s become a real family affair, and there’s a very special connection between my kids and their various teachers. Lessons are creative, positive and motivating, allowing everyone to be inspired as the teachers skilfully follow their students’ lead, but also push for more! Learning happens in an environment that’s flexible to the needs and interests of my kids, while also challenging them to step out of their comfort zone, and expand their horizons to include composing and recording their own original work. The studio is a wonderful reflection of the joy of music and every year, we add another class to our family roster because it’s just so much fun! This year, my husband even signed up for his first music lesson ever!” – Julia, parent

“One of the key factors to why Roncesvalles is such a cool place to live” – Christine, parents

“I have taken lots of different kinds of lessons over the years from many teachers. Even as an adult I have met with various music teachers and I have never met such positive, encouraging people. I feel safe bringing any crazy song ideas to my classes and Michael keeps an open mind and ear to help guide me. It seems to be a theme…I have taken lessons with no fewer than 5 teachers there and have always felt the same comforting energy.

Your students flourish under the leadership of their teachers. Thank you, thank you, thank you for such an amazing experience for me and my family.” – Cathie, student/parent

My daughter has been a student at the studio for the past five years.  She has studied vocal, guitar, piano and other instruments with a variety of wonderful teachers and musicians who have really inspired her. It has been an extraordinary experience for her and I have watched her grow in confidence as a musician and performer. One of the wonderful aspects of the studio is the strong sense of community it inspires among the students, families and teachers. It is a place for people who love music. ” – Sheilagh, parent

“Our two children studied a number of different instruments, from several different teachers, at the Michael Johnston Music Studio.  Every teacher fully embodied the studio’s joyous commitment to the love of music, and to gentle, supportive instruction. Michael Johnston and his colleagues didn’t just teach our children – they inspired them.” – Donna Baines and Jim Stanford, parents

“Michael Johnston Music Studio consists of a very diverse and competent musical team, and makes learning music fun for any age, an element missing in many teaching approaches.  Being taught under the guidance of professional gigging and recording musicians is a huge asset that is hard to come by.  My son started at Michael Johnston Music Studio at age 5 and has had a wonderful introduction to piano, and is very eager to continue.” – Peter Warnica, Film & Television Composer/Producer

“…a community within a community...a place where people come together to share their gifts and celebrate all things music.  We most certainly are grateful for what you have given to each of our girls and brought to our family and home – a place where the music and the singing never stops!!”  – Brigeen, parent

“Our daughter started piano lessons with Michael Johnston many years ago, and since then both her brothers have joined the studio.   She now also sings, her little brother plays the piano and the accordion, and her big brother plays the electric guitar.  Not once have any of them ever moaned about having to go to their music lesson.  Quite the contrary — they look forward to their time at the studio and come home inspired.  The studio’s teachers are all talented musicians with an obvious passion for teaching and music; their joy is infectious.  Annual music recitals are not agonizing rituals, but rather community celebrations!  Our children are very fortunate to be part of the Michael Johnston Music Studio.” – Diane, parent

Our two sons have been students of Michael Johnston for seven years. Over that time, we have watched them develop not only an ability to play the piano, but also an enjoyment and appreciation of music. Their ongoing interest in learning to play the piano is no doubt a result of Michael’s boundless enthusiasm and encouragement as a teacher. Over the years we have also watched the Michael Johnston Music Studio grow, with a range of new teachers who share his approach to teaching having joined. Needless to say, we highly recommend the Michael Johnston Music Studio.” – Randall and Eugenia, parents